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"This practice has changed my life! When I met Allie over a year ago I felt seen, heard and understood for for the first time in 5 years. I went from being miserable in pain everyday to living my life again."

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Patient Testimonials

“Allie is a life saver! I was diagnosed with uterine prolapse during my second pregnancy and told I would never be able to run or work out the way I always had. I found this news mentally debilitating. While speaking to several doctors and friends for recommendations, Allie's name kept getting mentioned. They were all correct - Allie is phenomenal! She is kind, supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and skilled at all things pelvic floor related. We've worked together for over two years now and I have seen amazing results, both physically and mentally. I have Allie to thank for all of that. I am so grateful to have found her!" -Amanda

“Only a few appointments in and I already notice huge changes. They are THE best investment, hands down! I love Dr. Nahir and look forward to seeing her (and the team) every week!" - Jennifer

"Allie is absolutely amazing! She approaches each session with incredible professionalism, tenderness and humor and always has a way of putting me immediately at ease when I have to ask or answer those not so comfortable questions about my body and its functions. Most importantly, she takes the time to listen, really listen, to all my concerns and her insight and advice are absolutely invaluable. I seem to walk away from our appointments not only having gained some newfound knowledge about myself but feeling much more confident about my situation." -Jen F

"I developed Diastasis Recti after my twin pregnancy and needed pelvic floor therapy to repair it. I went to Dr. Nahir 7 months postpartum and it was the best thing I could've done for myself! She is incredibly knowledgeable about the pelvic floor and really takes the time to listen to my concerns and to my body. I couldn't recommend her more!! The whole staff at Anchor Therapy is so kind and supportive! I'm so glad I found a place to heal my body." - Ali R

"I suffered a third-degree tear after birthing my daughter, and struggled with a myriad of problems (pain, incontinence, and scar tissue, to name a few). Almost three years later, I heard about pelvic PT and immediately made an appointment with Allie, who I now believe might actually be made of magic. In our first session, she got rid of a muscle spasm that had been plaguing me with pain for almost three years! Since then, every other problem that I have has either been resolved or significantly improved (we’re still working together). I’ve gotten so many aspects of my life back since meeting her and will be forever grateful. Allie is gentle, smart, and has been able to help me relax and feel comfortable during therapy. She is also encouraging, easy to talk to, and able to adapt her treatment to a wide range of symptoms and issues. She is incredibly knowledgeable, and I find it easy to trust her advice and guidance. These days, I recommend pelvic PT to every woman I know, and would recommend Allie in a heartbeat." -Carol

"Allie has kept me mobile, pain free, and highly physically motivated to be active the whole duration of my pregnancy. She offers exercises, mobility and stretches that are customized to each individual and their needs. A lot of her information in the beginning of my pregnancy was how to ensure consistency of movement through my workouts and to work on many of my muscular imbalances. She is worth her weight in gold and I could not recommend her more if you want to stay happy and healthy no matter what condition your body is in- your pelvic health is really essential to core bodily functions and balance." - Nina


"Allie is a wonderful and supremely competent PT. Her special skills in women's health issues were a godsend for me. Her help was invaluable in resolving many of my pelvic floor issues. Along with relieving pain and improving stability/mobility, she offered practical advice to improve my daily functioning...all provided with the utmost compassion and respect. Allie is awesome!" -Susan


"I will always be grateful for the help you (Allie) gave me this year — I was at a very uncomfortable, anxious place when I started therapy with you.  All the exercises you prescribed have worked wonders — and when I forget to do them, my body lets me know it!  I can’t imagine having a better therapist– your “healing hands,” your extensive knowledge of your field, your great listening skills, and your ability to explain to me my issues surely put you among the best in your profession.  How lucky for me to have been your patient!"  -Anonymous 

"Allie is a compassionate, insightful, and highly-skilled physical   therapist. My condition dramatically improved under her care. She   drew on her network of care providers in other specialties to provide me helpful referrals. Allie has my highest praise and top recommendation." -Todd

"This practice has changed my life! When I met Allie over a year ago I felt seen, heard and understood for for the first time in 5 years. I went from being miserable in pain everyday to living my life again. My only regret is that I did not discover pelvic floor PT sooner. The only hard part about PT is putting the work in, every day but for me is a small price to pay for my livelihood and my health is so important. Don’t hesitate to call/book/get a referral if you’re suffering. You won’t regret it either!" -Jennifer T.

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