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Our lives should be happy and joyful, not full of pain or dysfunction.  Experience life the way you were meant to without letting your pelvic floor hold you back! 



Dr. Nahir

Dr. Nahir was quickly drawn to the field of Pelvic Health Therapy in school. After a personal journey with years of pelvic pain, when she was constantly being brushed off and told that her pain was “normal," she knew she wanted to help men and women with similar struggles.


By learning about pelvic floor therapy and taking her initial course, she was finally able to feel relief from her symptoms. This made her wonder: How many other women out there have similar experiences? Upon completing her clinical rotation in Pelvic Health, she decided she wanted to pursue this specialty and began working as a Pelvic Floor Therapist immediately.


Dr. Nahir is committed to learning and growing as a clinician to provide patients with recent evidence base practices. She has completed course work with The Herman and Wallace Institute, focusing on the evaluation and treatment of patients with urinary and fecal incontinence, prolapse, constipation, and pelvic pain as well as patients during pregnancy, postpartum, and post-prostatectomy.


There are many fulfilling specialties in the field of physical therapy, but Dr. Nahir found passion in helping women and men to achieve confidence in themselves by providing the highest quality care with individualized treatment programs that fit patient-specific needs to improve their overall quality of life. 

Dr. Nahir graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science from the University of Central Florida and went on to earn her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida Gulf Coast University. She began working in Fort Myers but decided to relocate back home to Orlando and is excited to be a part of the team at Anchor Pelvic.

Dr. Nahir grew up locally within the East Orlando Area and is excited to provide expert care to her community. She enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her fur baby Cooper. When she is not working, she loves to try new foods/restaurants, go to the beach, cuddle up on the couch with a good movie (if you have any good recommendations, let her know!), and explore local events.


Katie is an occupational therapist with a passion for helping her patients live a life free from pelvic pain
and dysfunction so that they can fully participate in the aspects of life that are most meaningful and
important to them. She takes a particular interest in supporting pregnant and postpartum mothers,
helping women appreciate and understand their menstrual cycle, and caring for patients with
endometriosis and fertility struggles.

Katie is grateful to have had exposure to many different specialty areas of practice in occupational
therapy, all of which made a great impact on her and led her to where she is in her career today.

One of the most impactful experiences was the time she spent in the NICU. During this time, in addition to caring for the babies, she was struck by the equal importance of providing compassionate care to new mothers as they navigated postpartum healing and adjusted to the many physical and emotional demands of caring for a new baby (or babies!). Years later, she experienced her own back-to-back pregnancies – the first being a complicated twin pregnancy followed by a NICU stay, and the second, a singleton pregnancy followed by a particularly challenging postpartum period. Experiencing firsthand the immense joys and challenges of motherhood further fueled Katie’s desire to support other women during the transformational times of pregnancy and postpartum.

These personal and professional experiences led Katie to her path of becoming a Pelvic Floor Therapist. She feels honored to be a part of the Anchor Pelvic team. She loves being able to support and cheer her patients on as they work toward achieving their goals.

Katie received her Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a minor in Health Sciences from the University of Central Florida and proceeded to obtain her Master of Occupational Therapy from AdventHealth University. She is continually expanding her knowledge by keeping up with the latest research and completing continuing education courses in her commitment to offering her patients high-quality, evidence-based care – with her most recent accomplishment being completing intensive training this year and achieving certification as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist.


The greatest joys in Katie’s life are being a wife and a mother, and she lives with her husband and three daughters in Winter Park. She enjoys spending time in nature with her family, being involved in her church community, playground adventures with her daughters, long walks with her family dog, and dabbling in new hobbies – the most recent being embroidery and baking sourdough bread.

Dr. Jennie

Dr. Jennie is an occupational therapist with a passion for helping women overcome pelvic floor issues to live their best possible life. She is especially passionate about helping pregnant women stay active during pregnancy and postpartum women safely return to exercise. She initially became interested in pelvic health while working with a doula to support amazing pregnant and postpartum moms. This experience ignited her interest in providing the best possible care to women in this stage of life and reinforced her commitments to women’s wellness. 

As a power lifter herself, Jennie has a strong interest in women’s fitness and wellness. She loves empowering women to prioritize their physical and mental health. Eager to share her knowledge and enthusiasm in this area, she began creating personalized fitness programs for women who are aiming to enhance their overall well-being. Jennie is dedicated to helping women unlock their full potential and thrive in mind, body, and spirit!


Dr. Jennie earned her doctorate degree in occupational therapy from the University of St. Augustine. Prior to graduating, she completed a research project that identified postpartum women’s performance and satisfaction with their health and wellness services. The purpose of the study was to identify how occupational therapy can improve the daily lives of postpartum women and help with the transition to motherhood. After listening to countless mothers' experiences and concerns about their health, she knew she wanted to pursue her passion in this field. That is when she found Dr. Allie and the amazing team at Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy. After working in other settings, she was searching for a place where she could provide a high level of quality care and a team that is dedicated to helping every person that walks through the door to live a fulfilling life. 


Jennie is originally from the sunny lively streets of Miami with a Cuban background. She recently moved to Orlando and is excited to make connections and explore new adventures. She loves spending time with her fur babies, drinking a cup of coffee, visiting new places, and powerlifting.

Dr. Allie

As a student intern in a pelvic floor clinic, Dr. Allie quickly realized that this was the work she was meant to do. She loved helping women with pelvic pain find solutions and achieve their goals. From there, she has gone on to take an array of advanced courses, consume as much research as possible, and treat some of the most complicated pelvic pain cases. 

Dr. Allie feels pelvic pain is one of the most overlooked diagnosis. Providing care to this population is one of the main reasons she started Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy. 

Several years into her career,Dr. Allie experienced a difficult delivery of her first child. Navigating the postpartum world and the healthcare system after giving birth was an incredible challenge for her, despite being in the field. She decided that there were not enough healthcare providers coming alongside pregnant and postpartum moms with accurate and supportive information. She began an intensive training program, and in 2019, she achieved a certification as a Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. She is passionate about helping pregnant and postpartum moms navigate through this time without pain or dysfunction.

Dr. Allie helps women on their journey to greater function and less pain. She and her team prides themselves on providing compassionate, trauma-informed care and making each patient feel comfortable and valued. She has studied the field of pelvic floor physical therapy extensively. 

Dr. Allie received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Maryland, Baltimore . She immediately began her career as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. She has worked in clinics in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina, gaining specialized training and mentorship in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, lymphedema and breast cancer management, pediatric pelvic floor dysfunction, and visceral manipulation along the way.

Allie relocated to Florida in 2019 and opened Anchor Pelvic Physical Therapy in 2021. She lives in Winter Park with her husband and four children. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new restaurants, being involved in her church community, taking long walks, and sipping on an excellent cup of coffee.


Dr. Allie is a compassionate therapist who uses her specialized training and evidenced-based practice to create individualized treatment programs that focus on the whole person. She is here to support you in your journey!

Lori, Office Manager

Lori is the Office Manager and keeps us all in line here at Anchor Pelvic. She brings with her an array of creative business experiences. She has had many journeys in her life, none more life-changing than navigating her own health care. This is what brought her to Anchor Pelvic and makes her so passionate about the work we do.


Lori loves extreme sports, crazy hobbies, and whatever looks fun. Her husband is her voice of reason and her rock. Her daughter is her partner-in-crime. Her house is also home to two cats, several fish tanks, and a few reptiles. She is a native of Michigan but has called Florida home for the past eight years. She spends her spare time searching for new recipes to cook for her family.  

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