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What I Wish Someone Told Me: A Letter To My Pre Baby Self

Dear Hopeful and Blissfully Unaware,

There are a few things you should know before you decide to have children and having had three of my own I feel I am now equipped to be the one to share them with you. So here goes...

You are going to feel tired in a way that no late night partying or all night Netflix binge will prepare you for. It will be okay.

Things are going to happen to your body that no one could have ever truly explained to you. It could be years before you feel like you have your body back. It will be okay.

You will grow apart from some of your friends. It will be okay.

You will struggle to find your pre-baby self and you will worry bout things you never could have imagined. It will be okay.

You will let your baby sleep in your bed, yell at them in a restaurant, experience a meltdown at Target and a million other things you said you'd NEVER do when you became a parent. It will be okay.

You will struggle to manage it all and you will cry tears of frustration and defeat more than you care to admit. It will be okay.

There will be times when you don't feel like enough. It will be okay.

It WILL in fact be more than okay because your heart is going to grow bigger than it ever was before.

You will hold life inside of you and bring another human being into this world. Your body will do amazing things.

You will form close bonds with those who are going through motherhood with you and they will become your lifeline.

You will know no smile like the one you get from your child when you walk in the front door.

You will appreciate your own mother, and frankly all moms, in a whole new light.

You will find support in the most unexpected and unlikely places. In fact, strangers (other moms who have been there) will save you in unexpected situations, just because they get it.

You will cry tears of pure happiness more than you care to admit.

You will feel joy you never could have imagined and your child will look at you through eyes of unconditional love.

You will find strength you didn't know was within you. You will redefine yourself in your new role and you WILL learn to balance it all.

No matter what happens you will thank God every singe day that he chose you to be your child's mother.

Everything is going to change, but it will all be okay.

Love, Allie

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